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A dirty and grimy couch or chair can be an eyesore in your home. You might be tempted to just throw it away and get something new, thinking that it’s a lost cause. But, before you toss that couch out with the trash, give us a chance to show us what we can do.

We specialise in cleaning surfaces, including both furniture and carpet. Whether you need to remove stains from your upholstery or you simply need to get rid of cat dander, our skilled service technicians will do an excellent job. After we’re finished, you’ll be convinced that we swapped out your old furniture for something new!

We’re able to make this guarantee because our services include deep cleaning, sanitising, and stain protecting. Once your upholstery is clean, it will have a protective barrier that can help prevent new stains and spills from forming.

What to expect when you choose our upholstery cleaning service

We’re known across Dublin for our fantastic service and great value. There’s nothing we haven’t encountered in our years of upholstery and rug cleaning, so there’s no job that’s too big or small for our team.

Given that most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, having a carpet or upholstery cleaner in your home can be an inconvenience. We aim for minimal disruption, and we use safe, natural solutions.

Working with the professional upholstery cleaning team at Carpet Cleaner Dublin means that you’ll be able to enjoy your home again. Once your items have been cleaned, you’ll notice that everything in the room looks brighter and fresher. Plus, your indoor air quality will improve because the dust and allergens embedded in your furniture’s surfaces will finally be gone!

The expertise provided by our upholstery cleaning service technicians means that you’ll enjoy long-lasting results and your furniture will get a new lease on life. And, perhaps most importantly, our cleaning company is affordable. You’ll save money on your home maintenance bill and you won’t have to buy new furnishings!

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Picking the right carpet cleaning company to work on your home or businesses rugs, upholstery or curtains can be very tricky. You need a service that understands what you need, can keep within your budget, works quickly and efficiently and is experienced and trustworthy. We believe we fit the bill perfectly. Here are three great reasons to work with Carpet Cleaner Dublin.

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee every job. We’ll come back for free if you’re not happy.

Professionals Only

Our techs are highly trained and heavily screened for your safety.

Top Equipment

We use commercial-grade machines for perfect results.

Trusted service with a money-back guarantee

Finding a company to clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, leather, curtains or mattresses shouldn’t be a worry. Relax and book with confidence. If you’re unhappy we’ll return for free and if you are still not happy we’ll give you your money back.

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What our customers say

I’m very happy. Quick replies and I was able to book same day service. The price was great and they were very honest. The supervisor told me I’d be better off changing the rug, as it was too far gone, rather than just taking my money. Highly recommended service.

Angela Costello

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    • The cost of professional cleaning services for a couch vary, and it depends on several factors, including:

      • Size
      • Material
      • Type and extent of soiling
      • Cleaning method
      • Additional sofa cleaning services like long-term stain protection
      • Whether you include other services like carpet cleaning

      We can offer you a fast quote if you’d like to get in touch with us. Call us at 01 912 0344 and we can discuss the price.

    • The best way to clean upholstery will depend primarily on the surface. For example, a leather sofa requires different cleaners than a fabric sofa. Leather sofa cleaning will also vary depending on whether the stains are from something like an ink pen or the stains are less severe.

      The method may also vary based on whether the fibers are natural or synthetic. Synthetic fibers can resist stains better than natural materials like linen, cotton, or leather, but the type of cleaning method needs to be customised to prevent shrinkage and discolouration. Dry cleaning may be an option as well, but you’ll want to consult with a cleaning company before making any decisions.

    • Steam cleaning provides a chemical-free process that allows you to sanitise and deodorize your couch, other furnishings, and carpets safely. The high temperature created from the steam works to loosen dirt and debris, and may even dissolve it. Combined with the steam is a vacuum to remove all the grime, leaving your furniture looking and smelling fresh and new.

      You can keep your furniture looking newer longer by following a regular maintenance routine. This includes vacuuming it as a part of your typical household chores. However, even the most meticulous efforts can’t keep dirt, dust mites, and grime at bay forever, especially if you have feline friends that leave cat dander behind.

      It’s recommended to clean upholstery once per year. Not only does this keep your home cleaner, but it can also extend the life of your sofas and chairs. Pet owners should consider increasing the frequency to once every six months. You can take advantage of our combo deal and get a discount if you combine an upholstery cleaning service with another great service like having your carpets cleaned. At Carpet Cleaner, we provide high-quality upholstery and rug cleaning services, as well as client-focused commercial carpet cleaning in Dublin. Give us a call. 

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    Specialist carpeting cleaning companies can also assist a homeowner with their upholstery. Furniture and furniture is one of the biggest financial investments that property owners have to make, and making sure they stay tidy will ensure that they retain their worth and appearance. Professional carpeting cleansing firms are totally trained and efficient in recovering your home’s furniture to their initial ailment.

    These professionals have the ability to clean essentially any sort of kind of textile, including delicate products, in a mild and risk-free manner. They will utilize specialized tools and cleaning supplies to guarantee that your home furnishings will certainly be totally clean when they are done. The look of your property’s furniture and upholstery is as crucial to the appeal of your area as the carpet or floor tile flooring.

    There are 2 actions associated with appropriate furniture cleansing and they are cleaning the upholstery with a heated cleaning service and in-depth rinse of filth and removal of debris.

    Here’s our process for couch and sofa cleaning

    The primary step expert carpeting cleaning firms will certainly required to clean your furniture will certainly be to utilize special, heated cleansing solutions. They will apply these services to the textile which will help to loosen all the installed muck and products. After this, they will use an in-depth fiber rinse and extraction process to totally eliminate all of the gunk and cleaning services from the fabrics. This procedure is the best means to return your residential property’s furniture and upholstery to their original ailment, and will assist to significantly improve the general look and appeal of your home or office area.

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