What Are The Prices Of Carpet Cleaning Services In Dublin?

Carpet cleaning prices to expect in Dublin

Carpet Cleaning 3 Bed 3 Bed +Stairs + Landing €110 €120 €150
    Stairs & Landing €50 €60 €80
    3 Bedrooms €80 €90 €110
  2 Bedrooms 2 Bed / Stairs / Landing €100 €110 €130
  2 Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms €70 €80 €130
  1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom €50 €60 €80
  Living Room & Sitting Room Avg Size €50 €60 €80
Upholstery Cleaning 3 Suite   €100 €120 €150
  5 Suite   €120 €140 €170
  Arm Chair   €50 €60 €70
Leather Sofa 3 Suite   €110 €130 €160
  5 Suite   €120 €150 €180
Rug Cleaning Small   €30 €40 €60
  Medium   €40 €50 €70
  Large   €60 €70 €90
Curtain Cleaning Half Length   €25 €30 €40
  Full Length   €30 €40 €50
Mattress Single   €25 €30 €40
  Double   €40 €50 €70

The following table is a price outline of the prices to expect when it comes to hiring a carpet cleaner in Dublin, the low price, average and high price to expect for different services such as bedroom, landing and stairs, sitting room, mattress, three seat couch, and a two seat couch etc.

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