Although carpets are comfortable and warm, providing us with that comfort that we require especially in winter on days off, they can be dirty and often you can get tired of the design and cleaning them…

Well an alternative us to rip up the carpets and replace them with sanded timber floors providing you with a clean warm finish that is both modern and traditional at the same time.

Now before you got at it, for those living in an older house, you can be pleasantly surprised with what you have underneath most of the time.

Older house often have beautiful solid floors when sanded can give you a beautiful aged modern finish to a house and often ad great value to it.  Now on the other hand if you don’t have an older house and no know that the surface under your carpets is nothing special but standard floor boards, you may need to install a solid floor finish after you take up the carpets.  This will often add to the cost of replacing the carpets.

In order to check you may need to lift some of the carpet to see what you have and if any repairs or replacement is required before you go call the local floor sander for a quote.  Check if you need to install a new timber surface or if you can simply just get sanding after taking up the current carpets.

Floor sanding will cost you around €23 a square meter, for more on costs of floor sanding check out this page

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